Our Staff

Biological Services, Regulatory Permit Processing and Compliance

Ann Lopez, Regulatory Analyst

Carla Wakeman, Senior Biologist, CEQA Analyst & Project Manager

Eric Dugan, Biologist, Consulting Herpetologist

Guy P. Bruyea, Sr. Biologist, Entomologist, Botanist, Ornithologist, Re-vegetation Specialist

Jeffrey Sonnentag, Ph.D., Senior Biologist, GIS Specialist 

Melanie Dicus, Consulting Botanist, Restoration Specialist

Michael Irish, Environmental Scientist / Architect / CAD Designer

Rachel Irish, Ph.D., Natural Resource Analyst, GIS Specialist, Desert Tortoise Ecologist

Archaeology, Historical and Paleontology Services

Jennifer Gorman, MA, RPA, Consulting Principal Architectural Historian (CEQA / NEPA)

Jennifer Sanka, MA, RPA, Principal Archaeologist (CEQA / NEPA)

Carol Denardo, MA, RPA, Consulting Principal Archaeologist & Architectural Historian (CEQA / NEPA)

Anna Hoover, MA, RPA, Consulting Ethnographer & Principal Archaeologist

Debra Harget, MA, Archaeologist, Laboratory Manager

Julia D. Fox, BA, Archaeologist, II, CEQA Document Specialist

William Gillean, BA, Archaeologist, Record Searches, Field Surveys, Laboratory Technologist,  II

Albert Barajas, BA, Archaeology / Paleontology Monitor, I

Mark Roeder, Senior Paleontologist, Principal Paleontologist

Hugh Wagner, Ph.D., Consulting Principal Paleontologist

Jeff Cassidy, Paleontology Mitigation Monitor, II

Dave Alexander, Consulting Sr. Field Paleontologist,  Quarry and Recovery, III

Business Management and Project Oversight

Leslie Irish, CEO & Principal Analyst
Rebecca Mangum, Accounting Manager
Melinda Aliberti, Project Assistant

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