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  • ACOE, Advanced Wetlands Delineation and Management, 2001
  • ACOE, Wetlands Delineation and Management, 1999, Certificate No. 1257
  • U.S.D.I, Permit for Archaeology on Federal Lands Responsible Party, CA-10-19 & CA-10-00-005P
MOU, County of Riverside, Archaeology, Biology, Paleontology and Wetlands ID/Delineation

Western & Eastern Riverside - MSHCP Consistency Reports, DBESP, UWI, burrowing owl, Narrow Endemics, Criteria Area Species and compliance reports. 

PRIMP & ARM Plans, Phase 1-4 Studies including mitigation monitoring and compliance reporting for Conditions of Approval & Regulatory Permits (401/404/1602, Section 7, Section 10 and Section 106 NEPA and CEQA documents).

Specialty services include assessing non-compliant documents and providing locally compliant upgrades that are approvable by the lead agencies on the local, state and federal level. 

BLM Permit - Responsible PartyArchaeology / Paleontology on Public Lands


L&L ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., is a professional consulting firm committed to providing environmental resource and planning services, primarily in the Inland Empire but also throughout the Southwestern United States.  These services include: biological, archaeological, paleontological and historical resource assessment, management and preservation. 

L&L ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., incorporated in 1993, has conducted and documented biological and cultural resource investigations and mitigation/monitoring projects and processed state, federal and local permits in all areas of environmental services. Our client base includes various developers of commercial, industrial and private construction concerns, as well as State, Federal and most of the five southern California city and county agencies.

L&L ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., is a WBE certified business and as such maintains membership in a number of professional organizations and employs professional staff knowledgeable in the complex and often conflicting concerns of science and economics.

L&L ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., has worked with many environmental, commercial, industrial and residential development firms/teams in compliance with governmental standards and regulations related to resource management, preservation and mitigation requirements in California.

References and species/project specific experience records for L&L ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., can be provided.  

Leslie Irish is the qualifying principal for WBE certification with CALTRANS and the PUC, with both a State and Federal designation as a Disadvantaged and Small Business Enterprise. Ms. Irish has multi-disciplinary experience in environmental, engineering, land development and construction management and administration. 

Ms. Irish has more than 30 years experience as a project manager on public and private NEPA / CEQA projects overseeing the areas of biology, archaeology, paleontology, regulatory services and state and federal level permit processing. 

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